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1.) What is the $5.00 charge on my card?
This is not a charge, it is only an authorization to make sure you have enough money in your account to cover the rental. Once you bring back the rental, the authorization vanishes in a 24 hour period...sometimes immediately.

2.) When are the movies due back to avoid being charged for a second day?
Movies are due back by 7:00 pm the following day.

3.) What happens if I don't return my DVD?
If your DVD is not returned by the 10th day, then your credit card will be charged the suggested retail price. The suggested retail price for most new releases is 29.99, so if you don't want to buy the DVD make sure to return it within 10 days.

4.) What is an iCinema DVD Kiosk?
The Kiosk is set up online which allows “you” the customer to see what is in our machine at all times. There’s no more taking a chance to find that the movie you wanted at BlockBuster or any other brick and mortar building is not available. Just check our website to see if your video is available. We are highly motivated to provide you with the most innovative way of getting your movie for the evening. We also provide you a way to let us know what you’d like us to put in our machines. Our intention is to satisfy both you and your apartment’s property management team with the best service around. We are always open for suggestions, so get in touch with us!

5.) How do I use the machine?
It’s as simple as 1-2-3…! All you need is a debit or credit card. Our machines takes Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Simply click on Rent/Buy and then enter the three digit number of the movie you’d like to view. The machine will ask you for a credit card shortly after you click the three digit number. Simply slide your card, and the machine will process your request. ***You have 10 minutes to view the box and read the movie abstract*** If you don’t like what you see, simply put the video back in the slot and click “Return”. The machine will then take the video back and you can start all over. There’s no other machine that will allow you to view the movie like ours! Most machines will have a jewel case that doesn’t allow you to read anything about the movie.
If you like the movie, just keep it for how many days you want. It’s only 1.49 for every additional day you keep the video. If you want to buy the movie, just keep it and you will be charged $30.00 for the movie after the 10th day. It’s that easy!

6.) Can I take more than one video per transaction?
No, you will have to swipe the card separately for each movie.

7.) What kind of movies are in the Kiosk?
All the movies are new releases with various ratings.

8.) Who can I contact if I have any problem with a transaction?
You can can contact me direct, (Cedric Morris) at 310-390-2236, or shoot me an e-mail at

9.) Do you ever have any movie specials?
Yes!, From time to time, we’ll offer some great deals that will be distributed online through our newsletter. Get in touch with us if you are interested in keeping up on what’s coming out and we’ll let you know on a monthly basis.

10.) Can anyone advertise on these machines?
Yes, as long as the business that wants to advertise doesn’t compete with the host of our DVD Kiosk. Write me for advertisement offers.

11.) Do I have to be 18 years old to rent?
Anyone that owns a credit card or debit card can rent movies.

12.) Does the machine keep track of my credit card number?
No, the machine only transfers the information through an encrypted line to the merchant account. The machine only keeps track of what you are renting and for how long. It will even keep track of how much you were charged. You can call anytime if you have questions or need an additional receipt. (310)-390-2236

13.) How Many Videos can I rent in one 24 hour period?
You can rent 3 videos per credit or debit card. Remember, the machine always does a pre-authorization for each movie you rent. The pre-authorization is $15.00. Once you return the DVD, the authorization is reversed, and you are only charged for the time you had the video.

14.) If I have a voided transaction, how long will take before that void will show up on my credit/debit card?
The void will take place immediately on our end, but It will take up to 2-3 days before you see the reversal on your bank statement.

If your questions were not answered in this FAQ, please submit your questions so that we can make this list more complete. (
Thanks for your business and your valuable input,
Cedric and Tracy Morris